ics p camera eFew weeks back, we started covering Ice Cream Sandwich ICS port for LG P500 and we talked about how to install the Custom ICS ROM. The ICS  ROM started with a Alpha version with many bugs and other issues. At the moment of writing this post, the Custom ICS ROM based on Cyanogenmod 9 has reached almost a working version and can be used as a daily ROM by anyone. One of the biggest issues with the ROM was non-working Camera and issues with videos. But finally, thanks to efforts of developers like hephappy , _Arjen_ & lupohirp, we now have almost a completely working ROM for LG P500 with ICS 4.0.4.

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What works

  • Camera including preview with all settings like exposure, Zoom, White Balance and every other thing (credit to lupohirp)
  • Full H/W acceleration
  • Funny SIM (128k USIMs)
  • Calls, SMS, MMS, 3G/2G data, Mobile data
  • Wireless, Bluetooth, Bluetooth tethering
  • Data limit, IPv4, IPv6
  • Stereo audio, headset
  • GPS, Sensors, Lights, Touch screen
  • USB Mass storage, USB debugging
  • Browser, GMail, Google Play store

What doesn’t work

  • Wifi tethering & USB tethering
  • Offline charging
  • Camcorder


  1. Your Phone must be rooted.
  2. You must have Custom recovery installed on your Phone e.g. ClockworkMod or AmonRa.
  3. You must be on New Baseband. (If you are on old baseband and flash this ROM, your Phone Network will not work.)

Files needed for Installation (File links will be updated with each release)

ICS 4.0.4 ROM FOR LG P500: cm-9.0.0-TINYLIGHT-HEPHAPPY-p500.zip (26 Jun 2012 release)

Update: Hehappy has stopped supporting this ROM and has removed the downloadlinks too. Instead you can download and use the Cyanogenmod 9, Android ICS 4.0.4, CAF Kernel ROM nightlies, thanks to _Arjen_ .

Download Cyanogenmod 9, Android ICS 4.0.4, CAF Kernel ROM Nightlies.

Google Apps : gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip


STABLE 4 (TINYLIGHT) "You will have 13MB free space on system after installed rom+gapps" 26 Jun 2012

Fix volume in speakerphone mode
Remove unsupported mtp & ptp functions (no need to delete any driver anymore)
Add smartass2 governor and use it as default
Latest updates from v20D-INDIA (sensors & backlight)
Move CMWallpapers(7MB) to extras
Trebuchet changes:
- Reduced to 4MB, removed color banded wallwapers
- Infinite/Loop homescreen scrolling
- Defaults: Turn off search bar, resize any widgets, don't join with widgets

STABLE 3 (BLUEPILL) 21 Jun 2012

Back to official GCC 4.4.3 toolchain. Linaro GCC 4.7.1 have many bugs
Remove support for off-mode charging
Fix color banding


Full linaro build
Use open source libagl
Get 18MB free space (To install removed packages, see extras folder in zip)


Fix wi-fi tethering
Fix deep sleep (guilty: bluetooth)
Get rid of init logo
New boot animation which is only 200KB
CM9 Lock screen calendar
CM9 New screen on/off animation
Allow interfaces to get IPv6 address when tethering is enabled
Fix BT tether IP renew issue
Recent LCD Patch which saves power

STABLE 1 (CHARGEME) 29 May 2012

Add support for off-mode charging
Improve sd-card write performance
Backport usb drivers from 3.0 kernel
Add support for native usb tethering
Fix BT sleep/awake issue which causes battery drain
Lockscreen weather

MILESTONE 2 (Love Me) 18 May 2012

New pre-boot logo (CID)
Fix MMC card detection. You can disable ADB and works on windows/linux hosts.
Backport memory manager from 3.0
Backport lowmemorykiller from 3.4 kernel

MILESTONE 1 (4 wise monkeys: Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru and Shizaru) "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" 11 May 2012

Fix video recording, saves in mp4 format and you can watch in MX Player
Add power profile and fix battery history (asdfzz)
Add support for barcode scanner applications (rapmv78)
CM9 Theme engine
CM9 Wallpapers
CM9 Lockscreen shortcuts


Put the files on your SD Card’s main folder for easy navigation since the recovery mode is tough to navigate with hard keys.

  1. Boot your phone into your recovery Mode using your existing ROM option using Power button (if it has) or by holding VOL DOWN + HOME + POWER keys.
  2. After you boot in recovery mode, use your Volume key at right side of phone to scroll up and down. You need to clear few settings and Cache before you can flash to your phone to the new ROM.
  3. Clear user Data/factory reset>> Clear/wipe Cache >> clear Dalvik Cache. Dalvik cache option comes under advance options in recovery mode.
  4. After this choose install zip from SDcard option.
  5. Select the ICS 4.0.4 ROM FOR LG P500 (the same file that you just downloaded above) to install – your ROM will begin to install.
  6. Once installed press the back button few times to go back to the main screen of Clockwork Recovery.Choose reboot system now.
  7. to install GApps, you need to reboot again and flash the zip file.

My Experience with this ROM


I am using this ROM on my P500 and I am loving it. I would love to hear some feedback from those of you who are going to install this ROM. I am not facing any issues with this ROM which were present during earlier versions of this ROM like reboots, forced closing of apps and other bugs.

I checked the graphics performance with Neocore App and got a impressive 54.5 FPS result. When we started testing the alpha version of this ICS ROM, I was getting a FPS score of just around 38-40 FPS.



The Camera at least for me works much better when it worked on the Stock ROM with Gingerbread. I have never taken so many pictures with the P500 Camera as I am clicking these days.

Battery Life

Battery Life too is great. With all my usage of twitter, Gmail all day that includes push notifications, I am able to use the Phone without charging for more than one day. If you just install a battery saving App like Battery defender, the battery works for almost 2 days.

Source: XDA

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