Auralux Constellations is now available on Google Play

A few weeks ago, we reported that War Drum Studios, would be unleashing Auralux Constellations for Android devices. The game which was previously available on Steam, is the sequel to the hit RTS game Auralux.

Auralux Constellations Android Game

We played it for a while today, and here’s our take on it.

The gameplay of Auralux Constellations, does seem fairly similar to the original, and in a few ways better. I felt that the easy maps were far too easier than they were in the original, but it could be because of my familiarity with the game’s predecessor.

The most noticable change is in the graphics, which now features proper planets, rings, and a nice space background. You still have the same two enemy players, Orange and Green. There is a speed up option in the menu, which while speeding up things, could also mean you lose faster to the aggressive AI.

You can view the map by holding two fingers and dragging them around, or by tapping and holding a finger and dragging it around. Multi-touch also works in selecting units, a quick three finger tap selects all of your units. Tap on a planet to select units around it, or touch and drag (you will see a circular selection area), and all units inside it will be selected.

Some planets have rings around them, which means you can upgrade them. This will double the production rate of the planet, meaning you will get twice the number of units in the same time other planets produce one.

Oh, and you can play multiplayer too, using Google Play Games, and it even works asynchronously.  You can change the soundtrack from the menu. And there are quite a few tracks too.

Auralux Constellations Android Menu

Auralux Constellations Tips:

  1. Your enemies are hostile to each other, so don’t go on the offensive early. Wait for them to battle each other while you concentrate on gathering a large amount of units.
  2. Expand to your closest planets early in the game. Take over one planet at a time. Whenever possible, upgrade them as soon as you can, so your unit production is high. But don’t go too close to your enemies.
  3. Rally your units to the planet closest to your enemies. This helps in defending your territory too.
  4. Tap with three fingers to select all units. This is useful early in the game while you are trying to capture or upgrading a planet. This is also useful for taking out the last enemy planet.
  5. Sometimes one of your enemies, will use all his forces on a planet to attack the other enemy. Attack the empty planet and make it yours, while your enemies weaken each other.
  6. Do not attempt to fight both enemies at once. Expand to adjacent planets and keep amassing units on the front lines. While attacking an enemy, remember to leave a rather large army to defend the nearby planets, in case the other guy tries to take over one of your planets.
  7. If you attack a planet, and notice that the other enemy is also targeting the same one, retreat to your closest planet. Once the battle between two enemies is over, then quickly attack the now weakened planet.

Download Auralux: Constellations for free from Google Play.

[appbox googleplay com.wardrumstudios.auralux2]

The game has optional IAPs for extra maps.

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