How to fix the “no sound during calls” issue on the Moto G


The Motorola Moto G is probably one of the most popular phones around today.

Motorola Moto G - How to fix the "no sound during calls" issue on the Moto G

It is selling like hot cakes, and almost everyone I know has either got one, or wants to buy one.

But popularity isn’t everything, it is by no means perfect. I have encountered multiple issues on my phone, however none of them were critical bugs.

One issue which was really troublesome was the volume during calls. Sometimes when I  rang up somebody or  received an incoming call, the speaker and the mic would go dead silent. I had checked the phone’s volume, mute button, etc.

Recently one of my relatives bought the Moto G and encountered the same issue. We decided to conduct a small experiment and I think we have found the fix.

How to fix the “no sound during calls” issue on Moto G:

Just switch to Dalvik Cache. It is as simple as that. ART seems to have some bug which affects the Dialer app, maybe not on all phones. But still it does on the ones we tested. If you have switched to ART, you probably already know how to revert to Dalvik Cache.

If not, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to your phone’s settings menu.

(If you already have the developer options available skip to step 4)

2. Tap on About Phone.

3. Tap the Build Number 7 times to unlock Developer options.

4. Now on your System Settings, select Developer Options.

5. Tap the “Select Runtime” option, and select “Use Dalvik”.

(Note: The Runtime your phone uses will already be highlighted)

6. You will be prompted to reboot the phone. Do so.

That’s it. Granted that you will not enjoy the power of ART on the phone, but hey fewer bugs are better.


This fix is only applicable for the Moto G 2013 running on Android KitKat. The option to switch between Dalvik and ART cache is not available in any other version of Android. And Google ended support for Dalvik with the release of Android Lollipop.

So, if you want to try a fix for Lollipop, take a backup of your data. Wipe the cache from recovery. If that does not resolve it, try a factory reset.

Warning: Factory reset will erase all user data. Do NOT try these steps on the Moto E or Moto G 2014, as we have not tested it on these devices.

Disclaimer: Androidpure is not responsible for any damage you incur. Make sure you are running on stock firmware with stock recovery before trying this fix.

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Originally a Business Grad, Ashwin is a natural at testing and reviewing apps and games for Windows and Android Apps, as well as flashing ROMs. A proud owner of a Google Nexus 6 and a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, he is also an avid gamer, and loves playing on his Laptop and his phones. You can find him on Twitter @Im_Ashwin

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  1. As of 2014-07, my two-month-old Moto-G phone started having issues with the Microphone. While in a call, the person on the other end could not hear me. In fact, not a sound was transmitted, unless I literally pressed my lips against the mic port. Bizarrely, placing the call in “speaker-phone” mode works well and without issue.

    I am very dismayed with this fact, as my phone is only a mere 2 MONTHS old and Motorola’s warranty is only 12 months. They will send me a REFURBISHED phone which will only be covered for the remainder of the original purchase (namely, 10 months). I have ZERO confidence that this issue won’t reappear on the replacement phone, especially in consideration of all the other Motorola owners who have blogged online about this same exact issue .. across several models (G and X) of Motorola phones.

    I knew I should have stayed with Samsung devices…

    • is problem solved??????????? i have same the issue. i have given to service centre and they give on 14 july and after exact 1 months it again appears.

    • I know how you feel, however this problem happened to me before. Not with the moto g, but with a blackberry, I sent it back after weird things started happening, It seemed like it was being controlled remotely..the poimter would start going crazy, and I wouldn’t even be touching it, VM and text messages would come like 4 hours after the sender sent them,etc..Anyway they sent a refurbished phone and the refurbished phone seemed to work better..I didn’t have problems with it, So point being is that it could happen to anyone..I also have a Samsung Galaxy sch…….. ,wanna talk about a pain in the ass..they say when the phone over heats or feels a lot hotter than it should that that’s a good indicator of foul play(spyware), even after I do a full hard reset the next day my phone feels hotter than it should,so what’s up with that..

  2. I have a Moto G as well, and by the last two questions, the 2 month expiration date for moto g to start malfunctioning soon, is this a problem for most moto g users or just these two individuals

    • I have two Moto Gs and know a few friends using it as well. So, I am going to say these two guys below were unlucky, as mine are working perfectly.

      Edit: I have been using it since February. So don’t worry about the two month deadline thing. It’s a myth.

    • Thanks for your reply, I’ve had quite a few phone’s in my life, from Samsungs to Apple and now to my second Motorola. And to be fair this pbone has been the best phone to date. (knockonwood)… My Apple was a great phone too, but all in all, I like this phone the best. . From the design, to its weight, dependability, and speed, I wouldnt want another phone. The only thing that I’ve always disliked about the new phones is the touchscreen.. Yes it makes the phone more attractive, in a tech kind of way, I write so using a keyboard like my Blackberry, I can bang out 3 paragraphs in 2 minutes..I dont really believe in using Bluetooth headsets or keyboards because they are very easy to hack, they need to build a wired keyboard the size of a Bluetooth one where you just plug it in into the headset adapter.. Than I kmow my security would be alot more………… Anyway, Whats the main difference from the X and G… Anyone know…

      • I use Swype, its fast and does the job for me. I bought it the day it went out of beta, and feel it’s the best, though most would claim SwiftKey is the best,

        To answer your question about the Moto X:

        It is a single SIM phone, features an AMOLED display (that’s why it has Active Notifications), 2 GB RAM, Dual Core Snapdragon Krait (better than SD 400), Adreno 320 (G has 305), 10 Megapixel rear camera, 2 Mp front camera, 4G LTE, NFC.

  3. hey…i have had this problem with FOUR moto g’s! I start a call, it’s fine, and then the person on the other end can’t hear me. If i put the phone on speaker phone, it’s all fine again. I’ve asked Motorola and they’ve had no suggestions apart from it’s a sim or app problem….so now I’m trying this ART thing, although my phone was in the Dalvik mode so I’ve put it into ART…fingers crossed it helps, will let you know! thanks for the suggestion anyway 🙂

  4. Hi ashwin, can you please help me.. im facing the same issue in moto e.. i can not hear the ringing sound and play music via loud speaker..

  5. Hi ….I am facing this issue from a week on my MotoE. I have rebooted the phone there was no change and the select runtime option already appears to be in Use Dalvik. I am not able to hear or speak to others on call unless the speaker is on. Though the speaker is on it gets off within seconds displaying message ‘headphones connected’ and ‘headphones disconnected’ when there is no headphones connected at all.

    • Does the speaker work in apps/games and music/video playback?

      The headphone issue occurs in many handsets due to an accumulation of dust in the headphone port. Try to clean it out with a cotton swab. Pull out some of the cotton and you should be able to insert the swab into the port and clean the dirt/dust stuck there.

      • am able to hear volume normally during music/video playback!! .. this is happening only during calls … sometimes the sound just goes mute even without headphones message right from dialling the number

        • Sounds exactly like the issue we faced while using ART. But since you are using Dalvik already, I’m stumped. Maybe you could try switching to ART, and then back to Dalvik. This will erase and rebuild the cache. Don’t worry, your data will be fine.

          • FWIW my Moto G 2nd Gen was having this problem and was set up to use Dalvik. I switched to ART and it’s working now. It’s possibly some sort of cache-related issue and just switching causes the cache to be cleared. There’s probably a less drastic way to achieve the same results.

          • Yeah, it’s a serious bug. It is not clear why this happens though, even the posts at Motorola’s forums are unclear. The only known solutions are rebooting the device, and switching the cache 🙁

            And it is highly possible that this could be one of the bugs which is preventing them from rolling out the Lollipop update, because the only cache that Android 5.0 supports is ART.

      • Also, i juz tried cleaning with cotton… guess what … i have tried 3-4 calls after calling .. didnt face the prblm.. hope that will be the end to the prblm !!

  6. i have purchased moto e recently, from yesterday i have audio problem with pgone , no audio for touch and any video or music and also to make and receive calls only loud speaker is audible otherwise no voice on both ends

  7. Antony Jayaseelan

    ah! I have been multiple issues with my Moto G. At the moment its the ‘no sound on call, only speaker call works’

    1) Faced switchoff/restarts on charge during the first week. After factory reset things were fine.
    2) Then came the no sound in call, not even speaker works. Only on reboots worked. This started happening after connecting PC speakers with phone, so I stopped connecting it to speakers
    3) Now I’m facing this ‘no sound in call, only speaker call/earphone works’ issue. Even for media playback there is no sound in loudspeaker mode(Mx player, Youtube app,radio..) but earphones work.

    mine was in dalvik by default as well, hence switching now to ART followed by a reboot and then to dalvik again with reboot. – still issue not fixed

    Tried a factory reset and even now calls with no sound and no sound in media too except with earphones for both.

    Help me on what I can do next! 🙁

  8. My MOTO G 2nd Gen, having issue with Earphone, i am not able to listen voice from otherside not even with speaker on. My phone got changed by Motorola service center but problem occur again in new handset. I have checked with multiple sim of different operator but problem is same. phone works fine for 3-4 hrs post restart. please suggest whats the problem and whats the fix for it.

  9. My moto G connects well and i can talk on the speakr mode…but when i change it and try to listen through the ear, the call gets mute and i cannot hear a word, but can again hear if i use the speaker mode. what should i do?

  10. I have bought MOTO G2 around two months back, Yesterday in morning I have received a call but not able to hear anything from other side even he cannt hear me. This is radical bug I have seen ever this issue. I don’t know how to fix it but I did restart my MOTO G2 then for some time it got fixed after that again started same problem. Multitasking is not at all good in MOTO G2, Please fix this issue and provide any solution.

  11. Its not displaying the call while the people are calling from other side…only i can hear the sound… I did all the above procedures.. Pls help me out with this

  12. I have a moto g 1st gen now I am facing with this weird problem when I make a call the other person hears an echo of himself its very annoying any work around for this it seems like the primary microphone is the problem

  13. Hi, I am having issue with Moto G first Gen, I am not able to pick up or answer incoming call, it just rings but does not show ‘PHONE’ icon to swipe to answer. Also it does not show incoming number.

  14. Hi there,

    I just wanted to give a warning with this article. I switched to ART to fix the problem on my phone but, as it turned out, I have a start-up app which is incompatible with ART so my phone crashed every time I unlocked it in ART mode. I know the author probably isn’t aware of this side effect because I hear it’s rare. If you do have the problem, though, follow the instructions on this tread:

    The answer by Glutanimate got me in without too much hassle so try that if your phone repeatedly crashes in ART mode.
    Thanks to the author! My audio works again now that I’m back to Dalvik.

      • Hi Ashwin,
        I have similar problem with moto e. cannot hear caller but can hear on speaker. I have tried erasing cached partition, switching to Dalvik using developer but no use, the problem remains.
        As per your suggestion, again tried switching to ART, and now it has landed me into bigger trouble.
        The phone now displays infinite loop of “unfortunately the process com.andriod.systemui has stopped” message and am not able to go to settings and change it back to Dalvik.
        Please help!
        – Shree

        • “As per your suggestion, again tried switching to ART, and now it has landed me into bigger trouble.”

          Do not assume an accusing tone without reading the post. This article is meant for the Moto G, no the Moto E. And the fix was to switch from ART to Dalvik. Not the other way around.

          Your issue is unrelated to this, as your speaker works during calls. It may be a bug on the Moto E, or some physical defect. You can try flashing the KitKat firmware again.

  15. I was upset to see my moto was sickly and had volume problem, but, this fix on right course. Only become developer, scroll the developer options, nothing more, and fixed my issue. Suggest same to all as I love my G

  16. Oh just realised I have moved to ART from Dalvik, it has worked but should I move back to Dalvik or stay with ART.

    Thank you.

      • hi. I hv the same problem with my moto g 2, no audio on calls. how to fix it?
        how to change it to dalvik cache in moto g 2?
        please help

      • Hi ashwin, I have upgraded my phone to android L. It doesn’t have the option of changing dalvik to ART but I have have the issue whereby the other person can’t hear me. Can you suggest something?

        • Dalvik is not available in Lollipop, Google made ART the only option in Android 5.0.

          So, you could try clearing the cache from the recovery.
          (Do not wipe the data.)

          If it doesn’t fix it, backup your data and try a factory reset.

  17. Hi! Thanks for these instructions. I have the same issue that others have reported in moto g 4g: I can hear fine but others can’t hear me unless I put the speakerphone on. Doesn’t seem like a hardware issue as in Skype mic works fine. I had dalvik already selected and tried switching to ART (no luck) and back to dalvik (no luck) and then factory data reset and that didn’t work either. Do you have any other suggestions? I’ve had the phone for 5 months so warranty still valid but trying avoid having to sent it to them as it often takes long and problems come back (judging by previous experiences). Thank you!

    • We haven’t encountered this issues on Android 5.0 Lollipop, which has one cache option: ART. So it is possible that Lollipop may be the only permanent fix.

  18. I have a problem in moto e…I can hear songs when I listened with my ear phones…I can’t hear any sound when phone is ringing and playing the songs in loud speaker…how this problem is solved..can anyone tell me solution for this ???????

  19. It is a hardware problem. A lot of dust and sand had accumulated around the horizontal speaker strip. I cleaned it up and now it is working perfectly.

  20. I’m using moto g2, and updated to lollipop, followed all your steps accordingly, but can’t find runtime in developer option…
    Pls help!!

    • This article is for the Moto G 2013. I don’t know if it would work for the Moto G 2014 or Moto E. People seem to report this on many devices though.

      Anyway, as I have mentioned in previous comments, Google introduced ART in KitKat, and removed Dalvik from Lollipop. So the only thing you can try in Lollipop is to wipe the cache from the recovery. If that fails, try a factory reset. Remember to backup your data before trying either.

  21. Mozammil Shadan

    I have the same problem with moto g 1st gen…with lollipop i cant find runtime option…bfr tht i had solved the issue on kitkat ..but aftr lollipop update again i hv same problem…
    I cant hear ny sound from my mbl whenever i unplugged the earphone…even no ringtones when ny call me….plz help me….

  22. Hi! I am using a Moto X (XT1052) running cyanogenmod 12 (always latest nightly). I started to have the same issue (no sound during calls / except when I turn the speaker on or I plug in my headphones) while running stock. Tried every problem solving solution I found online. Nothing was solving the problem. So I decided to switch to cyanogenmod. As I installed the new rom it worked fine for exactly one call. As I am always updating to the latest nightly, last week (it still did not work) at once the problem was gone after two days I had the lates nightly. After installing the latest nightly last monday, the problem was back again. I wiped the cache, even made a factory reset, nothing helps. I can answer or make phonecalls only with my headphones pluged in or I have to turn the speaker on, if I want to hear something. Would you have an idea how I can fix that ?

    • Well this is weird. I’m not sure about this, but maybe there is some bug in the Motorola kernel source code, which affects the CM ROM too. You could try flashing a different kernel.

  23. My few-month-old Moto G also has the microphone cut-out issue (other party can hear me for a random length of time, then they can’t). I saw someone on another forum say that they could tap the mute button 2x to get the mic back… Is it possible that the problem is simply facial contact with the mute button? I’m starting to think that’s what’s happening with mine, but it’s random and I will have to wait for it to happen again before I can test this for myself.

    • Well, nice try anyway. After one normal call, I just had a call where the caller couldn’t hear me from the get-go. The mute button did not appear to be selected, but I muted and then un-muted. At this point he could barely hear me, breaking up. When he called back, all was fine. This is really getting old.

        • Sorry about the late reply, I was away for a couple of days.

          Since you say you have Dalvik, its obvious you are still on KitKat. I haven’t encountered this issue on my Moto G 2013 since I updated it to Lollipop.

  24. Hi, I have the Moto G 2nd Generation, 5.0.2 android version with lollipop update. The sound appears to be working fine, but I cannot hear any incall sounds. They can hear me, there is just no output. I activated developer mode and only afterwards saw your note about the lollipop update.. Id my only option to clear the cache/ factory reset? How effective will that be?

  25. Hi Ashwin! I have the same problem discussed in this article. But when I check developer options – select runtime options, it is already running on Dalvik. And I have the problem that you mention in the article. Should I switch my runtime to ART and then back to Dalvik? And if not, could you suggest what I should do?
    I have already tried putting it back to factory settings, but the problem remains.
    Thanks in advance!

  26. if you enable developer options and disable the nuplayer then reboot the headphone jack issue becomes more stable.
    The probelm isn’t no sound but that the phone app gets stuck in headphone mode, so the speaker and ring tone are sent to the jack.
    all other apps work fine so it can’t be hardware, must be something stuck in cache of the phone app.
    My phone works after disabling nuplayer and using the awesomeplayer instead.
    when I take headphones out, music stops for 5-10 sec theres a beep and music plays thru speakers. also music is paused sometimes so pressing play works.
    At least when I call the phone it rings and I can hear people and what 4444 says.
    Think the phone app is the cause of it.. probably someone has got the setting in the cache wrong and isn’t reading the right one.

  27. If your Moto E phone is stuck in headphones mode (You have no sound in normal earpiece have to switch to speakers during calls). Put a cotton swab or cloth inside the headphone port and clean it. It worked for my

  28. I have moto g……same issues. the phone has be reset over and over since the first day I purchased it. Motorola Company is nothing but a headache, they want to charge me $24.99 for them sending me a refurbished and a hold of $99.00 on my credit card. My phone if fully warranted and they want to penalize customers for issues that they knew about before they put these phones out on the market for consumers. There is something wrong with this picture and they should not be able to get away with this kind of underhanded process by scraping more money from customers when they know what kind of product they are presenting to the public.

    I asked for a new phone and they passed me to one person to another including several supervisors for weeks. They kept saying I can only get a “LIKE NEW” phone… they think we’re idiots. Like new and refurbished are one in the same. I even called the Corporate Office and got the same answer. I asked them to check how far back I have been in contact with customer service and tech support regarding this because I felt if they did so it would show that they should replace my phone with a new one. Nobody through Motorola would go the extra mile to help me even though the company had the knowledge of all these issues before hand. I should of done research as I did with my other phone. I will never do business with Motorola again…lesson learned. We all were just guinea pigs for the Moto series. One more thing…developer did not work for me. NOTHING WORKED!

    • I hear you loud and clear. Motorola has been terrible with supporting their phones. They refuse to acknowledge known issues, let alone fix them.

      And do you know that the Moto X 2013 is still running on Android KitKat? It has been 8 months since Lollipop was released, but Motorola doesn’t care about its customers at all.

  29. Hello, I have the same problem than you with my moto G, but it’s a 2014 one. I can’t follow your steps after being a developer. Do you have any idea ? (Sorry for the mistakes, i’m French and find no solution on French network..)

  30. Hey Ashwin,
    I have a new moto G 3rd gen phone and when started it for the first time I noticed that its speaker is not sounding for anything, is it a hardware issue or some issue with software causing the mute speaker, I tried adjusting the volume through buttons on right hand side as well as through settings but nothing worked.

    • Hey Sameer,

      This article is actually related to no sound only during calls. From what you say, it could be a defective product. First try a factory reset (after backing up your data), and if that doesn’t work, ask for a replacement.

  31. hi….. iam facing a speakers problem in moto g 3gen i bought it recently,in my phone audio,music is not working. how can i solve this problem

  32. hi alll I bought 2 moto x play & both having same probs , plz help

    whil i connect ma phone to blue tooth fr calling purpose, i culdnt hear the voice, instead am hearing sum grinding sounds, i bought 2 x play frm flipkart & both r having same issues , plz help

  33. Hi … I am facing a great problem with my moto g 2nd gene mobile phone.
    When someone is calling,the sound of the caller is not heard!!

  34. Hello friends i have Moto g2 and os lollipop my phone problem is that in my phone echo sound create at caller site means when any person call me so they hear there own voice .how do i fix this problem ?

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