Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue reportedly unlocks phone with unregistered fingerprint, here’s what happened

Who’s ready for another OnePlus messes again story? Well, reddit is always the place to find such incidents, and this time it is a rather bizarre Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue. 

Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue

Reddit user needikunn, has been a OnePlus 6T user for a few days now. He had set up the phone with Face Unlock and the new in-display Fingerprint Scanner which the phone has.

Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue; here’s what happened 

The user gave the phone to his friend, after unlocking the phone. And the friend used it for a while and locked it. Here’s where the issue happened. 

When the other guy tried to use the power button, the lockscreen with the fingerprint scanner icon appeared. There is nothing unusual about this, right? 

Except that he was able to unlock the phone, even though his own fingerprint had not been registered on the device. This was enough to take the story to reddit. 

Soon suggestions began pouring in, asking the user to get more evidence, not to doubt him, but perhaps to force OnePlus to find a solution. 

The user played down complaints by confirming that his face had not been in view when his friend had the phone, so Face Unlock wasn’t detecting his face to unlock the phone. Other Smart Lock options were not enabled either. 

Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue; company responds 

This is where something good happened, the company contacted the user directly, and tried to reproduce the Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue. 

The user double checked that only his face and fingerprint was registered on the device, and both the Face Unlock and the Fingerprint Unlock options were enabled. This is what allowed his friend to unlock the device on his own, (after the user unlocked the phone to let his friend use it), and the device was locked after a while.

When the user disabled the Face Unlock option however, his friend wasn’t able to unlock the phone with his unregistered fingerprint. That’s odd, right? 

So, while it may seem like the fingerprint scanner is the culprit, the problem is actually with the Face Unlock. 

This weird Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue has not been fixed yet, but the company is expected to get back to the user with some sort of response.  

Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue; another user chimes in

This might seem trivial, but another user has claimed the issue exists even though Face Unlock has been disabled on the device.  This user says that the fingerprint scanner icon disappeared when the selfie camera was covered (to ensure the camera wasn’t seeing the user).  

Replies to this issue do suggest that Pocket Mode UI had been activated by the proximity sensor, which by design prevents the device from unlocking accidentally when the device is actually in a pocket. And that’s the reason why the fingerprint icon vanished for the user. All this does is confuse us more about the Oneplus 6T Face Unlock issue. Is the front camera part of the fingerprint scanner’s unlocking system?

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