Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat (AOSP) on the Samsung Galaxy S Advance


While we wait for OEMs like Motorola, HTC, Samsung and others to push out OTA updates for Android 4.4.4, custom ROMs spring up very quickly for almost all devices.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance KitKat About Phone - Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat (AOSP) on the Samsung Galaxy S Advance

One of the devices which I have, is the Samsung Galaxy S Advance. And today I am going to walk you through the steps of downloading and installing, what I consider to be the perfect ROM for it.

It is the Android 4.4.4 AOSP from the J-Team at XDA. Yes, you get to taste the latest version of Android OS on your SGSA. The Android Open Source Project, is a Vanilla OS, and so comes with no third party apps included, i.e., zero bloatware.

(Disclaimer: AndroidPure are not responsible for any damage you incur by flashing the ROM. Proceed at your own risk.)

Always make sure to check the MD5 checksum value of the downloaded ROM and GAPPS file. This ensures you don’t have a corrupted or broken file, and helps aoids bricking the device.

You can check the MD5 from your PC by using a free software called HashTab, which adds a “file hashes” tab to your right-click context menu in Windows Explorer.
Or, you could check it from your phone by using a file manager app that supports it, like ES File Explorer.

1. Download the J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project from the dev host page.
MD5: c9ca50095b88ae0d9d046e19f38a2045

2. Download the GAPPS file from the updated XDA thread or from the uploader’s folder at Dev-Host. Do not choose the full GAPPS package as the size is quite large, and may take up a huge chunk of your System’s memory. Choose the mini or micro version. This way, you get the core Google apps, and you can install other Google Apps such as Hangouts, Maps, Google+ etc, from the Play Store.

It’s actually better this way, because you can get the latest version of the app from the play store, instead of downloading the full package and then having to update old ones. The micro version saves your data bandwidth.

Dev host link for micro version 88.32 MB. (Core Base, Google Bookmarks Sync, Gmail, Google Calendar (replaces stock/AOSP Calendar), Google Now Launcher, Google Play services, Google Search, Google Text-to-Speech).
MD5: 8891980462860c8a38e48bda88dc679a

3. Copy both files on to the external SD card of your phone.

4. Reboot to the recovery.

5. Wipe the data by selecting ” Factory Data Reset”

6. Wipe the Cache

7. Go to advanced> and Wipe Dalvik Cache.

Note: You will need to Flash a custom recovery for the following commands. Here is a temporary one: Select reboot to custom recovery and it will boot to CWM. Proceed to step 8 below.

8. Select “Mounts and Storage”. Format the /system partition.

9. Return to the main menu and select “Install the Zip from External Storage”. Select the ROM file, for eg: Wait for it to finish installing.

10. Again select “Install the Zip from External Storage” and choose the GAPPs file. Wait for it to finish installing the apps.

11. Reboot your phone to Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

Optional: You can enable ART from the developer settings.

I haven’t noticed any bugs yet. The camera works fine with the flash.


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Originally a Business Grad, Ashwin is a natural at testing and reviewing apps and games for Windows and Android Apps, as well as flashing ROMs. A proud owner of a Google Nexus 6 and a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, he is also an avid gamer, and loves playing on his Laptop and his phones. You can find him on Twitter @Im_Ashwin

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  1. I did exactly what you said but after all the steps it said “root acces is missing” and now it won’t rebooting. it stays on te black page with “samsung galaxy s advance” on it. Can you help?

  2. Hii. Is it necessary that the phone should be rooted before performing this installation?? My SGSA is fully official and I haven’t rooted it yet….

  3. Hi…

    I have Galaxy S Advance.

    I updated my phone to Official JB 4.1, now the recovery has corrupted and JB really sucks, it starts hanging every now and then… Kindly help me to install 4.4.4 or 2.3.6 base version onto my phone …

    A good phone has loost its fluidity and smooothness…


  4. hii I have a Galaxy S advance which is 2 yrs old. After reading this article (instructions), i thought came to my mind to update my phone to 4.4.4 version. My concern is how wil it effect the performance of the phone. wat abt the internal memory. Will the present 16GB (12 GB usage) be reduced..?? If yes, upto how much wil it reduce to. The Battery backup…??? In case I update and I dont feel comfortable using it, can I get back the GIngerbread version. Kindly help me out..!!!

    • I gave the phone to a relative a few months back, and it’s still working great. The battery backup is quite good, much better than JellyBean, but it all depends on your usage. Regarding the user available memory, not it will not consume more space.

      You can always go back to stock GB or JB if you don’t like it.

    • Are you using CWM?

      Edit: Did you check the MD5 Checksum of the downloaded file? If it doesn’t match the one given in this post, then you have a corrupted download. There is no pack 2, its just 1 zip file which is 170 MB in size.

      • i have check the MD5 checksum.. but it was same mention in the post but in capital letter….also the point no.7 does not come in the option of the phone….also my phone current android version is 2.3.6. ….now suggest me what to do..

  5. is there any bug with this?
    I’m using s advance with official JB. Now I want to update it to stock android 4.4.
    So,I want to know that is it safe?Is there any bug/problems?

  6. Hello Ashwin,I want to flash my samsung galaxy s advance which is out of warranty. I haven’t done flashing before.kindly tell me the all the steps to flash the mobile and upgrade it to Android 4.4.4.Is it safe to flash it ??If yes then pls help me put with it.Also tell me all the prevention and safety measures required to flash the mobile.Thanks….

    • Just follow the steps given in this post. I have written it to be user friendly as possible. Flashing is just a fancy term for installing. Once you boot the phone into recovery mode, you have to select a file which you want to install, aka Flashing.

      Make sure our phone is running on Stock Android 4.1.2 JB before you
      flash this ROM. If not, do so from here:

      The only additional thing not given in this post, are the steps for flashing a temporary recovery.

      Download it from here: Copy it to your memory card, and boot to stock recovery. Just flash it like a normal zip. Select reboot to custom recovery and will boot to CWM.

      You can take a backup of your phone from CWM recovery. It is called a NAND backup, it will allow you to restore the backup in case you want to switch back. If you wish to do a factory reset, you can always flash stock 4.1.2 JB using Odin.

      Once you backup the phone, come back and read this article and follow the instructions to install the ROM. After you flash the ROM, the phone will have the CWM recovery permanently. Rooting is not required prior to installation.

  7. And also tell me whether it is necessary to root the device before flashing it.I have checked the your previous comment also,especially those related to dens one.If yes then kindly tell me the rooting steps also.And if the things go wrong are there any backup measures to restore the phone to its previous condition.

  8. I can’t see the 7 & 8 option in the recovery mode.
    And i installed the aosp but it’s showing an error
    Please help.

  9. I installed the AOSP ROM on my S Advance and it looked fine except for that I was not able to use my 3G connection. Only WIFI worked, but when having no WIFI access the R (roaming) icon was shown and no connection could be made to the network of my provider.
    Experimenting with the data connection settings did not change this and this makes the ROM unusable for me. Following the instructions of my provider was not possible because some dropdown boxes appear to be missing.

    I have gone back to the CyanogenMOD ROM which I do not really like (battery life is very bad) but it does at least support my 3G connection.

    I use the

    If this is fixed one time I would consider to give it a try again.

  10. Hi Ashwin, I updated my phone to JB 4.1.2 through samsung service center , but after updating to JB , it lags a lot , so what about the performance after updating to 4.4.4 , and my standard ROM shows only 1.97 GB of use , so is it going to be expanded after update.

  11. Greeshmadev Gowda

    hi Ashwin,
    I have decided to upgrade my s Advance to Kitkat from gingerbread. Kindly let me noe wat all instructions i have to be aware of while doing it. Since its new to me , I dont want to screw up my phone. Kindly help me out.

  12. Hello people, I recently installed this wonderful ROM on Advance, but I have two question… the first one is it possible to set up an icon that indicate the status of the battery while this is charging and the phone is turned off?? And the other question I set up all my custom sound and ringtone to the phone and some contacts, but when the phone restart I loose all that change.. does anybody has the same problem?? Thank!

    • The first one is impossible. Regarding the ringtones, I’m not sure about this, maybe you could try moving the files to your internal memory. This could be because the phone takes a while to mount the SD card after a reboot.

  13. heyy aswin i’m saban………….i am rooting my s advance firstly….straight update to kitkat from 2.3.6 gingerbread……….any prblm……that straight update from 2.3.6 to 4.4.4……….pls reply

  14. heyy aswin i’m saban………….i am rooting my s advance firstly….straight update to kitkat from 2.3.6 gingerbread……….any prblm……that straight update from 2.3.6 to 4.4.4……….pls reply

  15. Why can’t I install apps that requires less is version than 4.4.4 and it shows the device isn’t compatible with the application.

  16. Hi Ashwin great work dude, i installed kitkat just now & found reboot takes time, any suggestion for this, will update once i start using

        • Xposed isn’t compatible with ART. So pick one of the two options i mentioned.

          Now, to enable ART, go to developer options and tap on Select Runtime, and choose Use ART. Make sure you have plenty of charge on your battery because the phone will reboot and build the cache. It takes quite a while for it to complete.

          Some apps are incompatible with ART, and it may also cause some minor bugs. You can always change back to Dalvik if things don’t go your way.

  17. Hi
    Network connection is working? Like 3G network and what languages this rom have? I think I install this rom if it that good what it says

  18. I have android 4.1.2, but when I press volumedown+home+power i do not see many function in developement mode like ‘advance’ etc ….so I could not complete step 7,8,9,10 and 11

  19. When i go into reboot recovery, I only have 4 options:

    Reboot system now
    Apply update from sd card
    Wipe data/factory reset
    Wipe cache partition

    Help what do I do?

  20. Helo brother can you help me. I am install kit kat vision on my s advance.but no install Google play store o. My mobile can you tell me what problem.please…

  21. Bro how do I back up my Original JB ROM on Galaxy S Advance.
    There’s no BACK UP & Restore option in Mine one.
    kernel version
    3.0.31 – 1119559
    se.infra@SEP-88 # 2

    • Flash the temporary custom recovery.

      Since everyone seems to be having trouble finding this, I’m sticking my own comment with the link and instructions for temporary cwm, as the featured one to this discussion. It will appear above the comment box.

  22. Thank you very much but I have 1 problem. If someone calls me I hear my ringtone, but nothing appears in the screen. So I won’t be able to answer a phonecall. That’s very annoying! Can you help me?

  23. Hey Ashwin,

    Thanks for the awesome right up !

    Previously I had Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy S Advance, which was extremely slow.., then after updating to Kitkat 4.4.4 the phone works like a charm.. No lags, Never hangs, Very smooth, Extended Battery Life ..
    Thank you for the detailed write up !!

    • Sorry, I don’t think that is going to happen. With the availability of affordable phones with higher specs, most of the developers have abandoned working on the SGSA. πŸ™

      • vijaykumarv1786

        hi using your kitkat since 2-3 months & over all its working fine, only it does not have radio app, can u pls help me to install the radio app.

    • The options listed in steps 7 and 8 will not be present in stock recovery. Follow the note below step 7 to use a temporary CWM recovery.

  24. GergΕ‘ Forster

    Hey it appears that i have totally screwed up this could u contact me somehhow? Please it would be crucial. (

  25. vijaykumarv1786

    guys just install this kitkat version & enjoy 3 times more faster than JB, loving my phone again, only Radio app is missing

  26. hi ashwin .. i just install 4.4.4 in s advance every thing is fine but data not working help me to resolve this

  27. Aakash Deep TigGa

    How can i install android lollipop in my sumsung g star advance SM-G350E ………………

    • Sorry but it isn’t available for your device. And to be honest Samsung only upgrades their higher end devices, even their popular mid-range phone, the Galaxy Grand didn’t get Lollipop.

  28. Sagarendra Paul

    how to downgrade back to jelly bean plz help me… thanks…. having lot of problems in 4.4.4…

  29. after installing spirit1, phone is getting shutdown autometically, kindly suggest me the solution

  30. Efi Tsompanidou

    the cannot be says status 7.i have the 9070 and not the 9070p.

  31. hi Ashwin, was able to successfully upgrade my galaxy s advance. Camera is working fine. But i keep getting ‘Unfortunately google play services has stopped’ pop ups. If i disable location to just Gps only, i am not able to use Maps to find my current location.

  32. vijaykumarv1786

    dude this is really one of the easiest & best tutorial i have come across, if i get a radio app for this than nothing like it , any how thanks for the effort ,

    hi i have seen google maps not working properly these days, it gives some error , is any body getting the same error

  33. i have two problems. 1) i can’t connect my phone with my laptop (windows 8) i have tried everything with kies i reinstall the files but nothing seem to work.
    2) i cant connect wia wifi is says fairule wps… can you help me please?

  34. Hi ashwin now a days my phone network goes on toss, to the caller it says not reachable, even few times network signal goes down & starts after restart , any suggestion

  35. I am getting hanging and network problems after installing Kitkat 4.4.4 in Sumsang S advance Gt-I9070 so what should I do????

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