Even though Vivo is yet to announce an official launch date for Vivo NEX dual screen phone, the company has just released some official press renders of the phone which gives us a good look at the device and how the dual screen phone works. Check out the official press renders of the phone released on their Weibo handle in China.

Apart from these official press renders, alleged real life photos of the device are also leaked on Weibo which match with the official renders. On the rear we can see the second display with a circular module for triple camera at the top with a shape & design similar to what we have seen in Moto smartphones with slight change. One of the images shows the rear side of the new phone placed side by side with the first Vivo Nex smartphone.

An alleged hands-on video of few seconds have also surfaced on Weibo which gives much better look at the device from front and rear. The phone is in powered off state and hence we can only see how it looks but not how it works.

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Earlier (Dec 3, 2018)

Vivo Nex Dual screen phone with triple cameras officially teased; to launch soon

A new phone is teased on Vivo's Weibo page, and this is the Vivo Nex dual screen phone. Yes, it has a secondary screen on the rear panel.

Vivo Nex Dual Screen phone official 2

And it is not surprising that the company has named the device, the Vivo Nex Dual Screen phone.

The moniker is a bit on the nose, and this is the phone that was rumoured to be the Nex 2. You would have expected that the company would name the successor to the Vivo Nex, i.e., the next Nex, to be the Nex 2, right?

The Vivo Nex Dual Screen phone kind of reminds us of the Nintendo DS line-up of handheld gaming consoles, and the DS in the name represented, you guessed it, Dual Screen. But we guess Vivo Nex DS might irk the Japanese video game giant's lawyers, which is why the Chinese OEM probably went with the longer name.

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Despite sporting 2 displays, the Vivo Nex Dual Screen still has rear cameras, triple cameras in fact, as seen in the following teaser. The cameras will be accompanied by an LED ring, which is called "Lunar Ring". This is an RGB LED ring, which will glow to serve as an LED notification.

Here are some leaked Vivo Nex Dual Screen photos from Weibo, which show the device's design.

Vivo Nex Dual Screen phone

Why does the Vivo Nex Dual Screen  have 2 displays?

Ok, here's the surprise, the phone doesn't have a selfie camera. That's because there is a screen on the back panel, so you can use the rear cameras to take a selfie. Savvy?

This is the reason why the Vivo Nex Dual Screen phone has 2 displays, to give users a proper full screen device without a notch, or a pop-up camera, or punch-hole selfie lenses.

Just when you thought Vivo had gone over the top with the pop-up selfie camera with the Nex, the Nex 2 outshines the previous model. The Vivo Nex Dual Screen doesn't have an official launch date yet, but the device is expected to launch soon.

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