Galaxy S7 Edge exploded, Samsung to replace with S9 if user deletes Social media comments

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco will be remembered for a long time as a nightmare for users, when it started getting into flames and until finally Samsung decided to pull it out from the market. Even though that chapter is over, a Galaxy S7 Edge exploded in Morocco recently, which could drag the company into a new mess.
What you see here, is the remains of a Galaxy S7 Edge Exploded, and looks to be a burnt down and destroyed beyond repair.

The report comes through Reddit, where a Galaxy S7 Edge user narrates his story of how the explosion happened.

I had it in my back pocket before taking it out to take a picture, but it froze and shut down. After trying and failing to turn it back on for a minute or so, I put it down on my countertop and figured I’ll just try again later. Literally no more than a couple seconds after putting it down the whole thing spontaneously went up in flames. I had a couple nearby towels catch fire too, thought my kitchen was gonna burn down for a moment.

After the explosion, the user went to the Samsung store and was turned away as the phone was more than two years old, and hence no warranty was applicable. This resulted in the user posting his woes on Reddit and some other social media comments, in which he tagged Samsung. Finally, people from Samsung contacted the user, and offered to replace the exploded Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a brand new Galaxy S9. But there was a catch.

Galaxy S7 Edge Exploded, So what’s the catch for replacing it with a brand new Galaxy S9?

When the user reached the store for replacing the exploded Galaxy S7 Edge, he was presented with a document to sign. The document required him to delete all the social media posts about the explosion without delay, and cease all further comments.

What will many users will do in this case? Perhaps, they may agree to sign the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and delete the social media posts, in exchange for a brand new Galaxy S9. But the user here refused to do so, and declined the offer which wanted to silence him.

To be honest, we are not sure if Samsung was right here? Obviously, they wanted to contain the damage here after what happened with Note 7, which was clearly Samsung’s fault. But we believe that Samsung should have offered him the replacement without asking him to delete his social media posts.

But obviously, we are not in an ideal world and companies like Samsung don’t run by ideal policies.

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