Gamelion Studios have announced the sequel to their hit Dual-stick shooter game, Monster Shooter.

Monster Shooter 2 Back To Earth


That’s right. DumDum is back.
Okay before someone points out let me say that Monster shooter: Lost Levels was an expansion to the first game. So Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth will be the sequel.

This will be a free game like the first version of Monster Shooter. So what’s the story line? Read the developer’s description below.

After defeating 1040353243 alien-octopi, DumDum rescued his cat. Now they are on their way home to live their lives in peace, away from slimy tentacles……however, soon they will realize that it is just the beginning of the new adventure!

Phew! That’s a lot of Octopi.

Oh yes , the story line! Well, let”s just ask DumDum to pick up the guns and start blasting.

Here is a video teaser for Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth

That is one adorable cat, and you can’t blame DumDum for defending it with his life.

Download Monster Shooter and its expansion from the widgets below.



I wonder when Gamelion is planning to release Rage of the Gladiator for the rest of us, after launching the game in Europe last month.

Anyway we look forward to DumDum and his cat returning to our Blue Planet. Subscribe to our blog for further updates regarding the game’s release.

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