Who is up for some Mini Golf?

Prepare to have your mind blown. Because here is Mini Golf Game 3D

MiniGolf aka Miniature Golf is similar to the original Golf as it uses the same style of play and has 9 holes in a course. The difference is Miniature Golf has obstacles and pathways for shooting the ball though.

Mini Golf Game 3D follows the same genre and is quite the entertainer.

Let’s take a look at what it has to offer:

Graphics & Music:

If I have to describe the game’s graphics in one word, Stunning. This game is probably one of the best looking titles available on Android. Absolutely gorgeous and polished, You can play as a Male or Female Golfer

The game features some cool soundtracks as well.


There are 5 courses you can play:

  • Countryside
  • Ice Land
  • Halloween
  • Deserted Land
  • Crystal Land



This is another part of the game where it scores full points. The game offers 3 control options which can be selected from the settings menu,

Before we see the three controls let me explain how to position the player. Swipe to the left or right of the player to position him.Tap the Tick button to confirm the player’s position.You can move the player any time by tapping on the shoe icon.

Swipe to the left or right to angle your shot. You can swipe up and down to change your view.

MiniGolfGame3D Top View

The Power Flick Controls

This is the default control method. Position the player and, then drag the ball on the right down the meter to power the shot, and push it upwards to shoot.

Use the dotted line to aim your shot. You can turn it off from the settings to make it more challenging.

The Drag and Release controls:

Position the player and then tap and drag on the golf ball to angle your shot and shoot. Not exactly easy and you can easily mis-shoot it.

Set Power Controls:

This is by far the best control mode in the game. You have to tap on the meter to set the shot power and tap on the Club icon to shoot.


The game has obstacles such as the Water Hazard, Spinning circles, moving blocks, narrow pathways, etc.

The game also has some obstacles like a closed circle (door) which blocks the hole. To open it, you have to get the ball inside the glowing circle.

Game modes:

There are two game Modes

  • Championship mode
  • Timed Mode

Championship mode:

You can play all 5 courses in this mode and your score will be rated on how many shots you take to finish all 9 holes in a course. Finish under par to achieve a good score.

You cannot restart a single hole, so if you mess up on a hole you will have to reset the entire course. But you can reload a saved game later.

MiniGolfGame3D Saved Game

Timed Mode:

You can play all five courses and select any hole you want to play in it. You have to finish the hole quickly to achieve 3 stars.

There is no time limit , so this is also a good mode to practice shots and any holes which you find difficult on the championship mode.

You can also view your game stats (time played, eagles, birdies, water hazards, etc) and local high scores for each course from the main menu.


You can buy Mini Golf Game 3D for just $1.



  • Stunning Graphics
  • Great controls
  • Good soundtracks
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to play


  • The game may lack replayability once you have completed all the courses.
  • The 360′ turning for angling the shot is a little stiff. Would have been better if the Player walked and not glide while turning. The same can be said of the player positioning as well, could use some animated movements,

AndroidPure Verdict:

This game easily has one of the best graphics for an Android game. The music, gameplay controls, add to the beauty of the game. But I would say the game needs more courses, more obstacles and maybe loops for the fun factor.

There are no In-App Purchases in this game.

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