Androidpure, founded in Feb 2012, is a blog which tries to cover all aspects of Android Phones, Tablets and Gadgets, Apps, Games including Rooting & flashing Custom ROMs, Recovery etc. We try to write for noobs who are not so good when it comes to complicated tech jargon.

Androidpure is a small team of two, located at two corners of India. Our office is located in NOIDA.

Avinash, the Founder- Editor is based in Noida and Ashwin, the Contributing Editor is based in Chennai.

AndroidPure Team

Avinash Kumar: Founder-Editor

AvinashA Mechanical Design Engineer by profession, but passionate about Gadgets, Smartphones, Computers, software and anything that helps him to learn something new. Love to do things dive into unknown territories.

You can follow him on Twitter @avinashiitd or write to him at avinash [at] androidpure [dot] com

Ashwin Karthik Contributing- Editor

Ashwin GeekOriginally a Business Grad, he is natural at testing and reviewing Computer Software, Android Apps & ROMs. A proud owner of a MOTO G, an avid gamer, and loves playing on his PC and Nexus 7.

You can follow him on Twitter @Im_Ashwin

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Got A Review Unit?

If you are a brand / PR agency and have a relevant product whether it’s a new Android Smartphone or gadget or an application, we would love to review it. Reach us using the Contact page.

Note: We honour embargoes.

AndroidPure Product Review Ethics Code

At Androidpure, We do not charge any payment to review the Devices. We review devices based on our assessment of the same over a period of at least a week as our day to day device. Usually, we do get review units (which means we return it back after reviewing it for 1-2 weeks) from brands. Sometimes, some units come as a gift that we need not return back and we do declare that during our review. We plan to arrange giveaways for those products or gifts, but we are yet to finalize a way to do it properly. Sometimes we do get products before the official launch, but the time taken for the review remains same.

Apart from the review units sent by brands, we also buy some products for reviews at Androidpure as not all brands send us the review units.

Reviews or any other content at Androidpure is not biased, but just neutral in nature, but we do offer our opinion or Editorial based on our experience with the device.