Crescent Moon Games have released a new retro beat’em up game Nakama onto Google Play.

Nakama Art

We had written about this game’s trailer in August this year.

Retro fans will love the art style and gameplay of this fast paced 2D platformer, developed by Chi Tung Tran. The word Nakama means friend or colleague in Japanese.

The game was released on the itunes store recently before it made its way onto Android. If you have a Moga controller, it should work well with this game. Tap the on-screen gamepad button to view the controls for the Moga.

Here are a few screenshots from the game:


  • Moga GamePad support
  • Spot on platforming controls
  • Extremely fast skill based combat
  • Story mode with challenging boss fights
  • Endless mode with game center support

Video Trailer for the game:

Download Nakama for free from Google Play

Crescent Moon Games

Interestingly the graphics for the game was made using an app called Pixel Dude, on an iPad.