Install Oxygen ROM [Ice Cream Sandwich ICS] on LG P500 Optimus One


Sometime back we talked about installing or flashing a Ice Cream Sandwich ICS ROM based on CynamogenMod 9 on LG P500 Optimus one. Today we will talk about another popular ROM called Oxygen which was available only for Gingerbread till now. But thanks to the Developer popdog123, an unofficial port of Oxygen ROM for Ice Cream Sandwich is now available and you can flash it on your LG P500 Optimus One.

Oxygen ROM is a highly optimized AOSP (Android Open Source Project) rom with only few added features and without any of not so useful features like “Theme Manager” or apps like FM Radio etc.

This Oxygen ROM is only supported on devices which are on New Baseband. If your device is on old baseband, you need to flash it to new baseband. (If you are not sure how to do this, ask me and I would gladly help you out).

Oxygen ICS ROM - Install Oxygen ROM [Ice Cream  Sandwich ICS] on LG P500 Optimus One

Oxygen 3 (ICS) : Version 0.1.2 – 14 aug 2012

  • First ICS public release
  • No electronbeam
  • No tethering
  • No stock live wallpapers
  • No bluetooth pairing

Oxygen 3 (ICS) Version 0.2.0 – 18 aug 2012

  • Fixed APN list
  • 2G/3G selection fixed
  • Manual network search fixed
  • Stock live wallpapers fixed

Oxygen 3 (ICS) Version 0.3.3 – 19 aug 2012

  • Tethering fixed (needs testing);
  • Electronbeam animation now working;
  • Airplane mode reboot fixed;
  • Battery seems to drain less;
  • Added initlogo;
  • Wireless location works;
  • Bluetooth now works with no problems


  1. Your device must be on New Baseband (If you are on old baseband and still flash this oxygen ROM, Phone Network will not work).
  2. Your Phone must be rooted.
  3. Custom recovery must installed on your Phone e.g. ClockworkMod or AmonRa.

Files needed for Installation

The only file that is need for flashing this ROM on your optimus one is the ROM Zip file. Just download this Oxygen ROM zip flashable file from the download link below and save it at a convenient location on your Phone’s SD card preferable at root directory of SD card as you need to select this zip file using the hard keys inside the custom recovery.

Download Oxygen ROM (Ice Cream Sandwich)

You need not to download the GoogleApps zip file seprately. The ROM zip file has already the Google Apps integrated inside it. This also saves you the trouble of flashing a seprate Google Apps using the Recovery.

Installation or Flashing the Oxygen ROM

  1. Boot your phone into recovery Mode using existing ROM power option using the Power button (if it has) or by holding VOL DOWN + HOME + POWER keys simultaneously.
  2. Inside recovery mode, use Volume key at right side of phone to scroll up and down. You need to wipe few settings and Cache before you can flash to your phone to the new ROM.
  3. Clear user Data/factory reset>> Clear/wipe Cache >> clear Dalvik Cache. Dalvik cache option can be found under advance options in recovery mode.
  4. After this choose install zip from SDcard option.
  5. Select the ROM Zip file (the same file that you just downloaded above) to flash. ROM will begin to install.
  6. After few minutes, the installation will be finished. Once installed press the back button few times to go back to the main screen of Recovery.Choose reboot system now and you are done.

OTA (Over The Air) Update app

Oxygen ICS ROM OTA update e1345040714391 - Install Oxygen ROM [Ice Cream  Sandwich ICS] on LG P500 Optimus One

One of the best things with this custom Oxygen ROM is integrated OTA (Over The Air) Update app which can help you update to a new version the moment a new update to the ROM is available. This means that you can install the new update without the need to download the new ROM zip manually and without using the recovery mode to flash it keeping intact all your data. This OTA app does everything automatically whenever a new update to the ROM becomes available.

SOURCE: XDA and Oxygen

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Discussion79 Comments

  1. Hi Avinash,

    Thanks for the tutorial

    1) Just wanted to confirm on the download link mentioned in the post we need to download only file with name :’’ and it contains all the things oxygen rom, kernel, gapps? or we need to download any other files also.

    2) I am currently using AOKP ICS ROM on my lg optimus one p500, you have used mostly all the ROMS can you please let me know your reviews regarding this ROM like how stable this is, battery life and what problems you are facing using this, this would be very helpfull for all of us so that we can know whether we should flash this ROM or not.

    3)Is there some XDA link also for this ROM where people can ask about all queries and get updated about it?

  2. hi i install this rom its very cool but after i swith off my phone i cant on it again when i am swith on that time battery offline showing why its happning

    • Avinash

      Well If I understand your question correctly, your battery may be down. Try switching on with the charging still ON. If it shows battery being charged in offline mode, try switching it on without removing the charger.

  3. What file do I need to flash the old baseband to new? I have sveral for other Roms, but they do not work. Popdog’s kernel does not install correctly.

    • Avinash

      No issues here. Everything works.

      Try clearing cache of “Google Play store” and try again. If the problem remains, try flashing again with full wipe as described in the post.

    • Avinash

      If you are asking to change the fonts of the ROM, I don’t think its possible unless you know how to make a ROM.

      If you are asking about how to change the size of the fonts, then it can be done inside system settings >> Display >> Fonts

  4. from last week i had the strange occurrence the battery refused to charge even after connecting direct to the wall

    • Avinash

      are you saying you are unable to charge your battery now? have you tried charging using just the usb cable with your laptop or desktop?

      I havent faced any issue or even heard about it from anyone else.

      If you are talking about the offline charging bug, then it is a bug in every build of CM 9 or 10 based rom.

    • Avinash

      At the moment, CM 10 builds for LG P500 are far from perfect. Battery drain is a big issue for CM 10 based Jelly beans builds at the moment.

      Battery in case of CM9 builds or oxy 0.4 works great and lasts for almost 2 days easily even with moderate use.

  5. hi avinash,
    1.i have a void -forever rom ginger bread for my lg optimus one p500, should i first change by baseband to v20g and then install oxygen ics rom.. or after flashing with oxygen rom should i change my baseband.
    2. is this oxygen rom very stable?

    • Avinash

      If you are on old baseband, you must change to new baseband. It doesn’t matter when you change the baseband either after installing oxygen ROM or before.
      Oxygen ROM or any other ICS ROM only supported on New Baseband.
      Oxygen ICS ROM is pretty much stable now and I am using it for quite some time without any issues.

  6. hi avinash, thanks for reply.. i also have a lg l5 e612 phone.. screen size 4″, do you know any software where we can change the resolution or increase density.

    • Avinash

      try reflashng the ROM again by booting into recovery. Dont forget to wipe out everything while flashing as pointed out in the post.

  7. Hi Avinash
    I updated my lg p500 to oxygen.
    and after installing ROM my phone stuck on startup screen (LG logo on screen).
    and nothing happen.
    phone is not going to recovery mode.

    please help me to update my lg p500

    • Avinash

      To boot into recovery, just power off your phone by pulling the battery & then put the battery again and press VOL DOWN + HOME + POWER keys simultaneously for 5-10 secs till the LG logo appears It will boot your phone into recovery and you can flash the ROM again.

  8. i successfully updated my p500 to Oxygen-ROM ICS 4. but the problem is that i can no longer play my videos which used to run smooth on GB. i Tried MX player No help. Audio is fine but video lacks.. Pls help i know there are few bugs with this ROM but still is there any way i can run those videos without going back to GB 2.3

    • Avinash

      @Ansuman yes, there are few issues with Video as there is no official video drivers available for LG P500. If you want the video playback smooth, you should switch back to GB 2.3.

  9. hello all;
    i just flashed my lg p500 with ics oxygen and everything worked well and the look is amazing. but i have a major issue with my phone network. there is absolutely no network at all and it shows an error message while searching for network..
    please help me to fix this issue..
    thank you

    • Avinash

      It seems that you were on Old Baseband when you flashed the ICS ROM. Just flash your phone to new Baseband and your Network will start working.

  10. now my phone is stuck in emergency mode!!… when iam launching kdz it is saying phone not found and also lg s/w update is not working.. even factory reset buttons are not working (power +home + volume) … please help me out…. what should i do now?? is there any way out?

  11. i am getting E: bad boot message recovery while in recovery mode and i am not able to select any optionn in recovery mode as all the hardware buttons on my LG optimus one P-500 are used to scroll the recovery menu up or down….i am stuck ??? what next plz help…

  12. Hi Avinesh,
    Just I installed the Oxygen On my Phone, everything fine,
    but i got a problem when i go to setting and try to check for OTA update it’s showing “unfortunately, Setting Has stopped” please tell me what is the problem,
    and It’s not supporting for Tango video calls.
    Please help me.
    Thanks In Advance.

  13. I just flashed my lg p500 with ics oxygen and everything worked well .But now some apps that require root are showing that the phone is not rooted.I also confirmed it with root checker.So is there any way to root again with this rom or I need to flash stock 2.3.3 again to root it.Thanks….

    • Avinash

      The Oxygen ICS ROM is already rooted. You can verify that by checking the super user being installed. Not sure why you getting that notification.

      • Yes, superuser is installed.But I’m not getting root access for any su binary update also failed because superuser didn’t get root access.Is there any way to root it again without flashing stock rom?

  14. Just I installed the Oxygen On my Phone, everything fine,
    but i got a problem when i go to setting and try to check for OTA update it’s showing “unfortunately, Setting Has stopped” please tell me what is the problem,
    and It’s not supporting for Tango video calls.
    Please help me.
    Thanks In Advance.

    • Avinash

      try installing latest Oxygen ROM. Regarding video calls, there may be issues. You should wait if some developer is able to fix it.

  15. hi there

    Just a question, i installed this oxigen rom, everythings works fine, except that playing videos
    on the youtube app, the phone reboots itself after continous play (10 15 mins)
    I´ve stock clock on the cpu

    Any suggestions?

  16. Hi Avinash,

    I have flashed my LG P500 with Oxygen ICS latest version 1.1.0 and everything is working fine except one thing: when connect my phone to computer, launch LGMDP-v1.5.exe, it can not detect the port of my phone. And in device manager, I can not find LG modem anymore. Did you ever meet this issue?

    • Avinash

      I have not faced any issue like this. Does USB Mass storage works well? is your SD Card is being detected as usual? Also, the issue was there before you flashed Oxygen 1.1?

      In most of the cases, this issue arises due to non availability of LG drivers or the driver files being corrupted for some reason. You should try uninstalling and re-installing the driver.

      or try doing the following:

      Run devmgmt.msc (Device Manager), go to Ports (COM and LPT) and disable LGE Virtual Modem there. Disconnect and reconnect your phone and try again.

  17. I installed version 0.3.5 of oxygen for my lg optimus p500. Its working fine but there is a lag in the video playback and it says “camera has stopped working” when i go to panorama mode in the camera. Also i wanna ask that which oxygen version is better 0.3.5 or the latest one 1.1.0??

    • Avinash

      obviously 1.1 is better than 0.35. Every ICS ROM comes with the issues like those you mentioned. Those issues are being worked on by Developers and hopefully may be fixed in future.

  18. Hi Avinash,

    I am very grateful to you for porting ICS on P500. It works like charm.
    I am loving it. And i have fallen in love with my LG p500 all over again … after 2 years of Companionship 🙂

    I am facing issues with installing Link2SD in this CUSTOM ROM..
    Oxygen 3 (ICS) Version 0.3.3 – 19 aug 2012

    Do you have any solutions for that?

    • Avinash

      I haven’t ported this ROM. I have just made this blog post. The developers who ported this are already mentioned in post and the XDA source thread.

      Link2SD may not work on oxygen ROM still.

  19. hi avinash,
    great work with the blog post.
    i flashed to oxygen 3.0.0 with ICS. everything else works like a charm except the battery performance.
    while earlier on G.B it used to last a gud 2 days aftr switching to ICS it doesnt even lasts a day. that to with reduced music and wifi usage.have tried the silly battery optimizer apps as well but to no use
    any suggestions except going back to GB?

    • Avinash

      With Oxygen ICS ROM, we never faced a issue of battery performance. The battery lasts much longer compare to Gingerbread ROMs. You can try flashing the latest Oxygen ICS ROM again and hopefully your battery will last much longer.

  20. Installed oxygen rom n made my lgp500 an ics 4.0.4 , loving it as neva b4..
    honestly v stable for daily use…n great looks…5 days passed no single problem ..glad ya.. thanks a lot u guys(developers and avinash 🙂 )

    • Just you can flash the Froyo ROM back.

      You are on old baseband and hence your network isnt working. Just flash to new baseband and your network will work on ICS ROMs as they only support new baseband,

  21. hello, i have a lg optimus one and did the upgrade to oxygen 4.0.4 but have no service. how can i fix this. i saw where you said flash to new baseband, how do i do this?

  22. hello, i got it. i went back to stock and the app worked. now the problem is i have no network no matter which rom i load. how can i go back to stock rom for lg android p500

  23. Mr. Avinash, i got my lg p500 back to stock by loading a storck room with a v20c software version. my qiestion is, would my phone work with the oxygen rom now?. i mean would i have network service now?

  24. sorry about all the post but i really love my lg optimus. it has been upgraded to 2.3.3 from 2.2.2
    version v-20c. just want to know if it would work on the oxygen rom now.

  25. thank you thank you so very much. my phone is running on oxygen 4.0.4 and i’m loving it. you can void the last few post. now its asking to update the OTA and is asking to wipe cache, that box is checked should i leave it checked and install. again thank you so very much for your help. i love my phone more now.

    • Glad that you got your problems fixed :). Now enjoy your phone. Well, if you want to flash the update, you should let the box checked for wiping cache. But unless the OTA update comes with some major improvements or bug fixes, you can avoid it.

  26. Awesome, I am running ICS on LG Optimus one.
    One thing we dont need to install ROM Manually. Use Run Rom for it.
    It will do everything for you 🙂

    Thanks a lot 🙂

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