Google Chrome adds Safe Browsing for Android devices


Google has announced that it has brought in one of Chrome for desktop’s security features, to the Android version of the browser.

Google Chrome Safe Browsing for Android - Google Chrome adds Safe Browsing for Android devices

Safe Browsing for Google Chrome for Android is here.

The Mountain View company’s desktop browser, has been protecting millions of users from dangerous websites, for many years. And with the rise of malware and adware in Android applications, Google decided it should protect its mobile users equally to prevent attacks outside of apps, hence the new feature.

Actually. the security feature has been available since Chrome 46. To make use of the safety option,  the Android device must be running Google Play Service 8.1 or above. Look at the above screenshot, that is an example of a malicious website being blocked by Chrome.

You can tap on the browser’s Settings menu > Privacy tab, to  check that Safe Browsing is enabled. Google says it has optimozed the feature use as little data as possible.

via Google Security Blog

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