Noodlecake Studios have updated Zombie Road Trip with some cool new stuff.

Zombie Road Trip
The goal in this game is to escape the zombie horde, or have your brain eaten.
This may sound easy, but you will find it otherwise while shooting down zombies along the way and jumping over hills and passing through towns.

Here is the list of the changes from the latest version:

8 New Cars
3 More Weapons
Tilt Control Support
30+ More Missions
Daily Player Rewards
Free Retro Music!

Here is a more detailed list that I have prepared:

The new cars are:

  1. Dragster
  2. Fire Truck
  3. Hovercraft
  4. Garbage Truck
  5. Genie
  6. Golf Cart
  7. Taxi
  8. Trojan Horse

The new weapons are:

  1. Chicken Cannon
  2. Homing Missile
  3. Plasma Gun

The Retro music is actually a gadget. It can be unlocked for free, nut takes up 1 space because you have to equip it.

Download Zombie Road Trip for free from

Note: The game has optional IAPS.