Every Android user will be concerned about the safety of their device, not just from malware apps, but also about thieves and even misplacing it.

Prey Anti theft - Track your missing Android Device with Prey Anti-Theft

Fortunately there are ways to be prepared for such situations. All we need is to install a good Anti-theft app on your device.Obviously you need to have the app installed on your device before it is stolen. So in case you are looking for an app to track your already missing device, maybe you could try Plan B.

This post is however about the free app called Prey Anti-theft,

Prey app UI - Track your missing Android Device with Prey Anti-Theft

Here are the features that it offers:

– GPS + Wifi geo-location.
– SIM change detection.
– SMS or Push (On Demand) activation (2.2+).
– Lock phone/tablet for privacy (2.2+).
– Uninstall protection (2.2+).
– Loud alarm sound.
– Alert messages to user.

First you need to create a free account at Prey’s website to use the service.

Do so and download Prey Anti-Theft for free from Google Play.

Login to your account using the app and you can choose how to protect the device.

When you try to open the app, it will ask you for your account’s password, this is to prevent a thief from uninstalling it. Once you log in, you can change various options, including how to activate Prey and the contact you wish to alert in case someone tries to change the SIM Card on your phone.

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In case, your phone is stolen, all you need is to just SMS the activation code to your phone number from any other number and Prey will begin to track the missing phone for you and start sending the reports to you. And then you can decide on taking the appropriate action to retrieve your device.

Here’s a look at the Web interface with which you can track your devices:

[nggallery id=3]

You can also use Prey on your Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux devices.

So have you used Prey or any other app to get a stolen device back? Share your experience with us by dropping a comment below.

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