Noodlecake Games’ new puzzler, Block Block Block hits the Play Store today


Noodlecake Studios are back with yet another puzzler, their latest game Block Block Block will be released for Android and iOS devices tonight.

Block Block Block e1372266300980 - Noodlecake Games' new puzzler, Block Block Block hits the Play Store today

Don’t let the title fool you, you won’t be building stuff, you will be matching blocks.

Yes it  is a match 3 puzzler, where you solve puzzles by getting 3 blocks of the same color in a row or column. But here is where they add a twist to this genre, there will be multiple colors, moving blocks along with some other puzzle elements.

Official list of the Game’s features:

Over 200 hand crafted puzzles and counting
Stylized minimalist design
Various Puzzle mechanics
Smooth and responsive interface
Hours of fun

Here a few screenshots of the game:

And an official gameplay trailer:

Download Block Block Block from Google Play or from Amazon


The game will have ads and some In App Purchases.

via: Press Release

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