Motorola Moto X without contract, price drops to $399 on any major US carrier

If you stay in US and had missed the Motorola Moto X $349 deal offered in the run-up to the holidays and wanted to grab it at that discounted price, here is some good news for you. Motorola is dropping the Moto X starting price permanently to $399 on any major US carrier without a contract with any of the US carriers. As many of you know,  Moto X was the first smartphone to upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat and is almost considered one of the best Android smartphones available in the market.

Motorola Moto X price dropStarting today, Motorola is offering Moto X (including customized devices) at an everyday starting price of just $399 on any major US carrier, without a contract. If you want to buy one, you can order it online.

This price drop of Motorola Mot X to $399 will be leading to more competition between the similarly priced Google Nexus 5 which starts at $349 for unlocked and contract free device.

Source: Motorola Blog

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