Install Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM (Working Camera) on LG P500 optimus one [Cyanogenmod 10]


Few days back, we talked about how to install Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM on your LG P500 optimus one device. The custom ROM released by Developer and XDA forum member Rashed was initial release with some major issues like stability, Battery drain issues, Camera was not working and many other bugs.  This Android Jelly Bean ROM has just got a major update release which has fixed many of these major issues like Camera, Battery drain and other bugs.

You should keep in mind that LG P500 optimus one device is officially supported only till the Gingerbread upgrade by LG and no official upgrades by LG will roll out in future for P500 after Gingerbread.

Jelly Bean LG P500 - Install Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM (Working Camera) on LG P500 optimus one [Cyanogenmod 10]

What Works

Almost everything works on this Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM which includes Camera, Video, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, all accelometers, Google Apps, most Project Butter related enhancements, all native apps, Audio and Airplane Mode. The ROM is pretty good for daily use if you can ignore few issues about which we will talk about at the end of this post.

What doesn’t Work

With this Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM, there are few issues and few features which still don’t work. Features that are still not working with this release include Google Voice and few errors with Google now.


  1. This ROM is only supported on New Baseband.
  2. You need root access on your phone to install this ROM.
  3. Custom recovery must installed on your device like ClockworkMod or AmonRa.

Files needed for Installation

You need to download two flash-able zip files first, the ROM zip file and second, the Google apps zip file for Jelly Bean. Download these files from the download links below and save it at a convenient location on Phone’s SD card preferably in root directory of SD card as you need to select this zip file using the hard keys inside the custom recovery to flash them.

How to Install Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM

  1. Boot phone into recovery Mode using your existing ROM power option with Power button (if it has) or by holding VOL DOWN + HOME + POWER keys simultaneously.
  2. Inside recovery mode, use Volume keys at right side of phone to scroll up and down.
  3. Perform user Data/factory reset>> Clear/wipe Cache >> clear Dalvik Cache. Dalvik cache option can be found under advance options in recovery mode.
  4. After this choose install zip from SDcard option.
  5. Select the ROM Zip file (the same file that you just downloaded from the link above) to flash. ROM will begin to install.
  6. After few minutes, the installation will be finished. Once installed press the back button few times to go back to the main screen of Recovery.Choose reboot system now and you are done.
  7. After you boot into the Jelly Bean, just reboot again and flash the Google Apps file.
  8. That’s all. After you are finished with the flashing, you can boot your phone and enjoy Jelly Bean.

 Performance/ Conclusion

P500 Jelly Bean Battery - Install Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM (Working Camera) on LG P500 optimus one [Cyanogenmod 10]

I am using this ROM on my LG P500 optimus one phone at the moment. It is pretty stable in use now and almost everything works. Camera works too quite well, but with a small issue of flickering while using the Camera. Even the biggest problem of battery drain seems to have been fixed and even after using it extensively for few hours, battery still looks great.

We would love to hear some feedback from you if you plan to install it on your phone. Share it below as comments or ask us if you face any issue.


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Discussion148 Comments

    • Avinash

      There is no ETA as JB ROM is not officially supported by LG. Developers are working on it and releasing updates as and when they feel fit.

      I will keep updating the post as and when any update is out.

  1. Hello Avinash
    I installed 4.1.1 yesterday and it seems to work quite well.
    Problems: When I switch on the camera I get a lot of color blocks on the screen (on part of the screen), before a normal picture can be taken. It seems to be impossible to film.
    And I lost my calendar, which was not the case when I installed this Oxygen thing.
    Compliments: Battery drainage is much less then with my previous ROM, which was Oxygen
    Startup is very good, fast and effortless, which was definitely not the case with Oxygen and AOKP.
    Thanks a lot, it is fun to upgrade my LG P500 this way!

    • Avinash

      Thank you for the feedback.

      You can use the Camera App Camera ICS+ and the color block issue will be gone.

      With more updates, we will soon be having a almost perfect and stable Jelly Bean ROM.

  2. OK found it, Its not the problem with the rom, I get frequent reboots because of the CPU Over clocking… in 600MHZ no reboots but in 700+ frequent reboots every 30 seconds..

  3. Jelly Bean 4.1 works satisfactorly on LG P500. Battery lasts for 2 days on normal use with Beta Longevity installed. Red Logo of JB UI not appearing on the screen. Thanks a lot for your support .

  4. Hi Avinash,

    I flashed this ROM, works fine for me, here are some observations:

    1. Most apps are compatible, please check if your favorite apps are compatible with 4.1 before flashing this one.

    2. Camera works fine for me

    3. USB tethering also working fine

    4. For some reason INTERNAL MEMORY has become very low, while most of my apps are on SD card, I had ICS installed previously from your site, which comparitively gave me more free space.

    5. battery life is improved. i want to know how to install beta longevity

    thanks avinash..

  5. Used for 4 days not a good ROM at all.. no smooth animation..
    I keep my Wifi 24/7, but this ROM is draining my battery like hell.

    Everything else looks OK.

    • Avinash

      Battery drain is a issue, but you can make it better.

      Dont forget to disable WiFi if you are not using it. If wifi is enabled, it stops the phone to go in deep sleep draining the battery. Similarly, disable GPS when not needed.

  6. Hi Avinash,

    Yes i download and test it on the latest release ( Build 5 – Released on 9th Sep)

    Other Bugs that i noticed:

    1) No smooth animations.. they just popup without any animations or smooth transitions..

    2) With latest build 5 i am unable to install Google apps not even Mini

    3) As said before ( Battery drain )

    All above issues are noticed in LG P500.. are you having same problems?
    Currently i am using AOKP (4.0.4) Milestone #6 and its far better in performance but same battery issue.

    Anivash what ROM do you suggest? (ICS OR JB)

    • Avinash

      Well, Jelly bean ROM for LG P500 is still in development phase and a stable version is still to be released. Every bug that you noted above are still being worked upon by developers and hopefully will get fixed in next release.

      We will update this post whenever a new version is released.

      If you want a ROM for daily use which is stable and almost perfect, just try the ICS ROM for your P500. I am using ICS on my device unless I get a more stable and perfect jelly bean ROM.

  7. Can you suggest a stable ROM for ICS? What ROM are you using right now?
    i am using cyanogen mod 7.2…but m quite excited to use….ics or jellybean…well as far as i read all the comments ..i think using ics will be a better option..but well there are a lot roms on ics for my op1 are available…so can u plz help me..selecting a rom for me..with a better battery life nd i use wifi a plz help me…
    it would be a great help

    • Avinash

      Just check your phone baseband. You may be on old baseband. You need to upgrade to new baseband as ICS ROMs are only supported on new baseband.

    • Avinash

      What you mean by services? everything works except few as stated in post and there are some battery , stability issues with loads of bugs.

  8. Hi
    I have recently installed this ROM on my LG P500
    All thing works well
    Battery remains well
    program compatibility is good
    camera for taking pics is good

    but have a few problems:
    cant shot films even by ICS+ camera
    bluetooth after a short time of transfering data goes down
    Wifi not working. it shows the network but after a while say that network not in range
    any ideas to fix these problems ?

    over all thats good ROM thanks !
    Good Work!

    • Avinash

      I have not faced any issue with WiFi or even bluetooth. Both work fine without any issues.

      There are still few issues left and hopefully can be fixed in future.

  9. Umm
    I flashed 4 times my LG P500 and also tried the aokp_p500-ota-eng.build3-beta2
    and have the same problem with wifi and bluetooth
    what u think about this issue, its strange all say no problem with wifi

    Thnx avinash

  10. Hi avinash
    the bluetooth got worked while i truned off the WIFI
    i have tried this issue before this time but didnt work.
    i saw that on the sd card was not bluetooth folder and i made a folder for that
    do u think this matter to that ?
    wifi not work as i told u

  11. Hi Avinash,

    I was partitioning sd card through clockworkmod while partitioning it says need to reboot your phone then I choose ok.
    While rebooting it stucks and message appears on screen is as follow

    Fastboot mode started

    and no anything happens
    I tried to boot in recovery mode(power + vol down + home keys for 10sec) but same message appears and it stucks

    can you please help me to sort out this problem

    Thanks in advance

  12. Hi avinash sir,
    I think I should update to this ROM, this is my first update cause I just rooted my phone so should I go with this ROM? or I should use ics first?

  13. Thank you avinash sir …
    Which ics ROM will you prefer for day to day …I wish the gaming performance of ROM should be good..

  14. Can you please step out : How to revert back to Gingerbread 2.3 from JB 4.1. I am not satisfied neither with ICS/JB. The old is gold. Thanks

  15. Avinash sir
    please tell me should I go for cm9 or oxygen… for ics?
    i am not that much techie i want to use it for day 2 day

  16. Hlo mr.avinash. had a query abt cm. Currntly I m on 2.3.7 gingerbread CM7 lg optimus p500 and thinking of usingCM10. But wanted to ask wheather I wud need to change my baseband or not coz I think I already have the 10E the new one baseband already. And in case somthing goes wrong wil I be able tp revert back to CM7 again??

    Thanks 🙂

    • Avinash

      It seems you are on old baseband as the new baseband is 20v or similar. As ICS and JB ROMs are only supported for new baseband, you neeed to flash to new baseband to start using CM9 or CM10 ROMs.

      At any time, you can revert to CM7 again and even revert back to old baseband by flashing the necessary zip files.

  17. Hi Avinash,

    Thanks for 4.1.1 ROM.
    I am curious to know what are not working in this rom.
    I am currently using OXYGEN 4.0.4 custom rom on my LG Optimus one.

    The main reason I am planning to move to jelly bean is
    1. Google Now
    2 Google typing offline.
    3. Smoother UI.
    4. Google Jelly bean keyboard.

    Does these work?


    • Avinash

      You should wait sometime as most of the features that you quoted for moving to Jelly Bean are still not working on the Jelly Bean ROMs available for p500.

    • Avinash

      At the moment, Radio app isnt supported on ICS+ devices. Even though there are few radio apps available on Android Google Play store, they are not even close to what you may have used with your Stock GB ROM.

  18. hi -excuse me i tested cyanogen mod7.1 (2.3.3) on my lg p500 two month ago ….after following instruction i’ve finished .after that when i turned on my phone the line isn’t worked.then i wanted to flash it to 2.2 but unfortunately it’s got hot and the board destroyed. i wanted to know is this rom like that rom? and my country is Iran..sorry for my bad grammer!

  19. Hi Avinash… I previously installed 4.1.2,but there was no gtalk, rest all is fine. is gtalk available in this version? Coz i need that.

  20. Hi Avinash plz help me quickly… i,ve already installed cm7 and also new jelly bean but in both of them after start up i saw that (no network) and line icon is empty…so how can i solve this issue?bye bye

    • Avinash

      Looks like you are on old baseband and have flashed a ROm supported only on new baseband. Just flash your phone to new baseband and your network will work for sure.

  21. Hi, thanks a lot for your post. I’m also user of lg p500 and would like to upgrade the softwear 2.3.3. to 4.1.1. I think I can follow your instruction above but I don’t understand the term “New Baseband.” How can I check whether my phone is new baseband or old? What do the letters of ROM mean by basically?

    • Avinash

      Just go to Phone properties in settings >> About Phone. The baseband will be listed there. If it is something similar to V20, its new baseband , if its similar to V10 then its old baseband.

  22. hello avinash

    i have tried JB 4.1 its good with battery back up and more, but camera flickering is yet der ,video not recording, more flickering comes when in video mode. profile section in the setting force closes some times

    is any update available for this rom . …i installed on 21st december 2012

    if any updates pls inform me

    thank you

  23. Hi Avinash,
    I have installed the 4.1.2 version rom on P500 through the link you provided below, but nothing downloads on Play Store. it gives error everytime.
    Please what should I do?

    I am also thinking that the google app I installed might give the error, please which google app should I use since it did not come with this rom?

    • We haven’t faced any Google Apps issue. Try clearing cache and data of google play, it may fix the issue.

      If it still persists, try reflashing Gapps and enter account information again.

  24. Hey anvinash.. I installed updated ROM 4.1.2 with mini gaps..

    Now my Google talk does show up.. i tried installing
    Google Talk (For October 18th and before)

    Still no luck.. Pls buddy help me.

  25. Looks great, but here are few issues:

    1) mini-Gapps fails to install

    2) In call speaker mode doesn’t work (reboots if messed around with too many times)

    3) Apollo crashes when jack is removed

    4) When earphone’s plugged in, messages/calls still makes the sound come out of speakers (Old problem since ICS)

    Hope fixes come out for these soon!

    • It happened to me too.. buddy make a complete clean wipe in recovery mode like factory reset – partition cache – dalvik cache then install ROM.. It should defiantly work. If it still not working then try doing all over again. 🙂

  26. Hey Avinash..I just installed the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM.having some my 1. home button is not working

    2. issue with manual network search

    3. camera not working.its saying gallery has encountered some problem..

    Pls help me out or tell how to get back to my old gingerbrd..

    Thanks in advance


  27. My Friend had installed jelly bean into my phone using CM10 but now my phone is not reading SIM Card. Can anyone of you help? please …

  28. I try

    either the 08-Jan-2013 or 10-Nov-2012 ROM and two versions of

    Light Gapps (18Oct12, 30Nov12),

    It is found that

    Camera Video Recording does NOT Work.

    Wifi hotspot does NOT Work.

    Restore the Image back to ICS 4.0.4 using ClockWorkMode

    My phone is LG P500 with the v20c baseband.

  29. I am using the LG P500 with baseband v20c,

    I try either the
    08-Jan-2013 or 10-Nov-2012 ROM and
    two versions of Light Gapps (18Oct12, 30Nov12),

    It is found that

    Camera Video Recording does NOT Work. (Video only take up to 10 sec.)

    Wifi hotspot does NOT Work.

    I Restore the Image back to ICS 4.0.4 using

    • Does it still wake your device? If it does, it isn’t broken and can be fixed by reflashing the ROM.

      Or try searching the Plal store for Button Saviour or any softkey app.

  30. can you give me a link to downgrade to 2.3? cant work without playstore!! I have custom rooted my fone,so I prefer the zip file for gingerbread

  31. I just installed Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM in my LG P500 phone. Everything seems to be working except the incoming calls. Outgoing calls are working fine.
    Can someone please provide what could be the issue and what can be done to rectify this.

  32. ishwar kukreja

    i have lg p500

    on android 2.3.6 unrooted

    i downloaded the files and pasted them to sd card..

    when i boot thee phone holding vol down+ home + power keys..

    the phone shows an android logo with a recovery arrow..the phone doesnt ask for any data or cache reset option or install from sd card option..

    after 10-15 seconds the phone boots to is default android 2.3.6 with factory settings..

    pls help..

  33. ishwar kukreja

    ok now..i dont know if the device is rooted or not but..
    when i boot the phone using those three buttons…the phone shows up with a recovery menu with options

    (top of the screen)
    boot phone now
    install from sd card
    wipe cache
    cache partition

    (bottom of the screen)
    formatting data:…..
    formatting cache:….

    i toggle the options with the vol down and up buttons.. but when i press the power button to select any option…it doesn’t work..
    & the phone stays there..

    when i pull out the batery and boot again normally…it comes up with factory settings..

    pls help..

    • Is it enabled under Settings and still doesn’t work? Could be a problem with the kernel. Try flashing another one or reflash the ROM after wiping data, cache, dalvik cache, system.

  34. No one tells before clearly in a seperate section that there won’t be a fm radio or video recording.Some one mentioned even the google play store is not there.Maybe he did not installed the other file for gapps(google apps). Most of them are not satisfied.And i f iam not mistaken rashed the developer is a 16yr old arrogant guy who will suddenly leave this project incomplete like others coz either they have to study or do other projects but we suffer.At other sites also people are crying but no one is there for help. Kaya koi perfect rom he jisme sab thik ho?
    How can we listen to indian fm radio,any suggestions?

    • Well, if you want the FM radio app and want a fully stable ROM then you should stick to the Gingerbread stock ROM as no custom ROM above Gingerbread will be perfect.

  35. all functions are perfectly working bt google play store is not present
    i tried to install play store manually but then also it is no working, how to fix this

  36. everything i installed but my mobile signal is not working, plz help me soon. my moble lg p500 and now i installed jelly bean with ur rom

  37. i hve done acc. to your steps .. n its work thnaks a ton .. 🙂
    bt when i downloaded play store (as it was not there in jelly bean ) than a message occurs ” unfortunately google plays stop ” …. plz help me out frm this

  38. hi avnish i download android 4.1.1 from this website . i want to ask that when u can give updated of p500 in android version 4.2.2

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