Google Play Store app’s search results now displays the size of the apps when you tap on the install button


Google is rolling out a new feature to its Play Store app. It’s not a biggie, but still a very important one. The Google Play Store app’s search results now displays the size of the apps, when you tap on the install button.


We tested it on a few devices, including a Redmi Note 3 running Cyanogenmod 13, a Nexus 6 running stock Nougat, and another Redmi Note 3 running on stock MIUI 8.

Only the Note 3 with CM 13, has the new feature enabled on it, even though the Play Store version is the same on all the devices (version 7.0.17.H-all [0)])


The new install size option in the search results also works for new apps, i.e., those which you haven’t bought or installed before, or even wishlisted.


It seems that this could be a server side update, rolling out to devices. It’s not the first time we have spotted a new feature in the Play Store app. We were the first to report about a prior feature update, when Google Play began displaying the delta update size for apps on the My Apps & Games updates page.

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