Exclusive: VMware Boxer premium features are now free for all users


A few minutes ago, we reported that Boxer has been rebranded to VMware Boxer. And when we tested the new version of the app, we came across some very noticeable changes.


These were not just features, but actually some settings in the email client. Prior to today’s update, Boxer required users to pay $9.99 (a one-time unlock) for using the premium features, including adding more than one email account to the app.

This unlock option is missing in VMware Boxer, and we immediately fired up an email to Boxer enquiring about the same. This is the statement which Boxer sent to us:

Thanks for upgrading to our new VMware Boxer. Along with Calendar, Contacts, and Files, all premium Boxer features are now included for free.

Boxer Support

So there you go, you can use as many email accounts in Boxer without paying a dime. For more about the changes in the new app, refer to our previous article.


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