Remember, when we reported back in July, that Carmageddon will be going free for Android devices? Well, that’s happened now. But not exactly in the way we hoped for.

Carmageddon free Android - Carmageddon goes free on Android, with ads and IAPs

Here’s the thing. The crazy driving is now free, but unfortunately, Stainless Games has updated its formerly paid game, which neither had ads or IAPs, to include both annoyances.

The game was originally launched for Android in 2013, and three years later, chances are the developers were not making much of a profit, with an outdated version. So, the studio seems to have taken the IAPs and ads route to to monetize the game. But the fact that users who formerly paid for the game have to suffer from the same fate is something to be condoned.

It wouldn’t have taken them much of an effort to publish the ad-supported version as a new listing, would it? Anyway, if that doesn’t bother you much, go ahead and get Carmageddon for free from Google Play.

chart?cht=qr& - Carmageddon goes free on Android, with ads and IAPs
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Price: Free+

If  you are one of the lucky users from 2013, who managed to get the free Carmageddon promo version, you can still download it from the original Play Store listing.


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