Rovio have updated Bad Piggies to bring 30 new levels and some cool powerups.
Bad Piggies Rise and Swine e1374488480842 - Bad Piggies update brings a Grappling Hook, & 30 new levels for Rise and Swine
This will be the final update for the Rise and Swine episode though. Now all episodes except the Road Hogs have 135 levels each.
The Grappling Hook lets your contraptions climb and swing around the level environments.

The update also brings a new time-challenge level and a sandbox level.

You can earn new powerups by feeding King Pig. To do that, you need to collect the desserts from each level.
The new powerups appear to be:
  1. Some sort of Super Glue which make your vehicles sturdier.
  2. An Engine Tuneup which doubles it’s power.
  3. A Magnet which can attract Star boxes and Desserts
All the powerups are available from the in-game shop. But I guess you can earn them for free, providing you manage to find the desserts to feed the King Pig.
Download Bad Piggies for free from
or the HD version
Note: The game has some IAPs.
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