The latest update to Apex Launcher brings in some great new features, especially for the Pro version.

Apex Notifier e1368073278589 - Apex Launcher Pro gets App Drawer Folders, Notification badges with Apex Notifier & more

And they have also launched a new addon for the launcher,  Apex Notifier.

App Drawer Folders, one of the most requested features has finally been added to Apex Launcher, only in the paid version though. The other important feature, Notification badges requires a new app and is also available only in the Pro version.

The new features in the latest version of Apex Launcher Pro:

Folders in the app drawer (pro)
Integration with Apex Notifier※ (pro)
Notification badge style options (pro)
Default on for external notifiers (pro)
Added vibration duration option
Improved activity picker and wallpaper chooser
Re-organized and improved settings menu
Disabled auto update checks by default
Removed permissions for notifications
Various fixes and improvements
Updated translations

You can download the free version of Apex Launcher from:


Let’s take a look at Apex Notifier:

Apex Notifier is a free addon for Apex Launcher Pro (2.0+) and DashClock Widget (Android 4.2+). It provides notification icons from supported apps on the launcher icons of the apps and on the lockscreen if you use the Dashclock widget. These include unread counts for messages, mails or missed calls too.

This maybe considered the same as Nova Launcher’s Tesla Unread, but I should point out some differences.  Tesla Unread works with Widget Locker and Nova Launcher Prime, both of which are paid. Apex Notifier works with Apex Launcher Pro and DashClock Widget, the latter is a free clock widget app for the Android 4.2 lockscreen.

List of Supported Apps:

Missed Calls
Unread SMS
Calendar Appointments
HTC Mail
Samsung Email
K-9 Mail
Battery Level
Stock Email
Google Talk
Google Voice

The list may be small because Apex Notifier does not support apps which do not have a public API, these include popular apps WhatsApp, KakaoTalk.

You can download Apex Notifier for free from:


Note: Apex Notifier will only work if you have Apex Launcher Pro with version 2.0 and above.

You can DashClock Widget for free from :


DashClock Widget Requires Android 4.2 and above.

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