Google has updated its newest messaging app, Allo, to version 2.0, and the update adds support for a few new features.  This includes chat in split-screen (multi window) and quick reply from notifications.

Allo 2.0 Quick Reply - Allo 2.0 update adds support for split-screen, quick reply, monochrome chats, voice recognition and more

Some redditors have spotted more changes under the hood, sucn as monochrome chats (background theme) which can be enabled from Allo’s settings. There is a new splash screen visible for a split second before the app starts up. If you use a keyboard with GIF support, you can use it in Allo now. And the app now recognises voice recognition for input too.

Other new features include direct share (Android 6.0+), launcher shortcuts, and Android Wear support. One keen eyed redditor, uploaded some screenshots which suggest that Google could add RCS (Rich Communication Services), in Allo. There is clearly an RCS service running in the background, which suggests that the new SMS/MMS replacement’s release is imminent. This coincides with the recent update for Google Messenger, the SMS app, which also added plenty of RCS related code. This could be why SMS support was not added to Allo, when it was released.

If you haven’t tried Allo yet, download it froom Google Play.

[appbox googleplay]

Google Allo 2.0 is already available from the Play Store. So you can update it from your device directly.

via: reddit

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