Oppo is set to officially unveil their next selfie focussed smartphone Oppo F5 on October 26 and has already bombarded the offline market stores/malls with Oppo F5 posters. apart from the retails stores/malls, Oppo is also showcasing the device using the celebrities/brand ambassadors etc in Philippines and we already have seen the rear panel of the device and even some portion of the front panel in some of the unboxing videos by those celebrities/brand ambassadors.

Today some alleged renders of Oppo F5 have surfaced which show both the front display and back panel simultaneously. To be honest, we are not sure on the credibility of this alleged render. THe quality of the render is bad and hence may not be the official one, yet we are reporting it as it is. So take it with the usual pinch of salt and have a look for yourself.

Oppo F5 Render - Alleged Oppo F5 Renders leak ahead of official launch

The alleged render above shows the FullView display at the front, with probably a  dual camera for selfies too. There is no front home button and the fingerprint sensor is located on the rear panel. The main rear camera is placed at the top left of back panel while Oppo branding is in the middle. If you observe the fingerprint sensor in some of the images of Oppo F5 by celebrities earlier, you may notice it to be a bit of oval shape instead of rectangular and hence this render appears to be not credible one.

Apart from the render above, some more promotional images of Oppo F5 have surfaced which show different colours of the device i.e. Red and Blue.

Oppo F5 Red - Alleged Oppo F5 Renders leak ahead of official launch

As you can see in these posters, the fingerprint sensor is oval in shape instead of rear and hence the alleged render above may be far from genuine.

Oppo F5 Blue - Alleged Oppo F5 Renders leak ahead of official launchAs with any other leak, take this with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned at Androidpure and we will keep you updated.

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